Woman proves God can’t drive

Beachwood, OH – Local police were called to the scene of a crash in which a 31-year-old unnamed driver (so let’s call her Dumby McDumbass) ran a red light, hit two cars, and a light standard before coming to a complete stop in a house!

The driver was quoted as saying, “I let God take the wheel, and look what happened!”

God, not pictured here, not a fan of the Ford Taurus apparently

As a result, atheists worldwide have concluded that God doesn’t exist.

“She clearly offered him the wheel,” Al “The Atheist” Jehovah offered, “He didn’t answer the call. QED”

In God’s defence, an equally deluded police officer suggested, “She was clocked at 120 mph, so God likely had no time to take the wheel.”

The woman’s child, and fellow passenger, was taken to hospital after sustaining a head injury.

“I am only eleven, and I know what mommy did was wrong! It being a Sunday, God was too busy monitoring all the church services to drive her car,” the child said misinformedly.

The driver admitted to having lost her job recently, and was going through some “trials and tribulations”.

She will definitely be enduring at least one more trial.


2021 07 21

Author: dougzone22

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