Signs of the times (#101)

Truro, UK – An advertisement in a bus stop for McDonald’s McCrispy chicken sandwich has raised a few eyebrows locally. The bus stop in question unfortunately is located next to a road sign that directs motorist to the Penmount Crematorium. Comments about the ad being in poor taste, prompted a representative of the company to suggest, “We were not aware of the bus stop’s proximity to a crematorium, and have asked that the advert be removed.”

No McCrispys available here*   (*actual bus stop and crematorium sign)

Surely this isn’t the only situation in which a billboard can be misplaced either deliberately, or accidentally.

For instance, this advert placed near a brothel could be deemed controversial, if not misleading.

This guy’s a tool

Can you imagine the discomfort induced in potential patients if this sign were posted in close proximity of a urology clinic?

Don’t come near my faucet with wrench!

The posting of this particular signage anywhere close to a venue in which AA meetings are held would have to amount to entrapment!

Mmmm beer!

And this final display in the vicinity of a synagogue, gurdwara, mosque, or temple would be tantamount to invasion of privacy…

although it would be perfectly acceptable adjacent to a bank or credit union!


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