Protest over QR-coded stamps in UK

Slough, UK – In startling news from The United Kingdom, stamps issued by the Royal Mail featuring QR-codes are being protested by The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society. What is truly startling about this protest is the revelation that The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society exists!

Not like the barcode is on her arse!

Founder Dinah Johnson finds herself, “A bit affronted by the high-tech impinging on the pristine pastime of letter-writing.”

She has designed a cover-up for the offending item.

New tech masked by old teach

In related quirky-organization news, the following are yet to be located, but probably exist in a neighbourhood near you.

Righteous Individuals Upset By Nostril Hangers – This collective of mousey persons are reviled by morsels of dried mucous dangling from one or more nostrils. While disturbed by such incidents, these people are too shy to mention it to the oblivious offender.

“Ah, you got a little something!”

Late Night Headlamp Vigilantes (TNHV)– This intrepid gang of dusk-to-dawn drivers cruise the highways and byways in search of other drivers who fail to turn on their car’s headlights. The real fun begins as the TNHV membership gesture and flicker their own lights in order to entice compliance with the Highway/Motorway Traffic Acts of the world.

Bowel Howlers – These finger-pulling offerers prefer to evacuate the gaseous contents of their innards publicly.  The thankfully miniscule lot of anal blowhards can be found worldwide.

Oldest trick in the book

The Over The Top Shit-Ticket Brigade – This wily collective employ alleged ancient copyright drawing and modern-day memes to coerce the non-compliant into hanging toilet rolls in their preferred way. (Ed. Who gives a shit? Honestly!)

A preschooler could draw that shit!

The preceding in no way is a complete catalogue of odd individuals. This topic may have to be revisited in the future.


2022 07 08