Wordlers rejoice! This one’s for you!

ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ, ON – For as long as what ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦto be forever, players of Wordle (the 5-letter guessing game) have been joyously posting results all over ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ form of social ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ known to humans. They are thrilled beyond belief when they ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ a ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦdays offering, and ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ suicidal thoughts when not nearly successful, or unsuccessful at all.

One lousy Wordle

ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ the activity requires only a working knowledge of the ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ alphabet, and how to assemble ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ with them, it ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ to escape common ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ as to the willingness of any ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ to publicly chastise one’s self in such a manner.

ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ who find themselves entangled in the mess, tend to deny this assessment.

“I ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ the humiliation, because I know I can always ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ mysocial ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ and find a fellow Wordler who has performed equally ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ, or ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ!admits ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ “Wordle me this” Muskoka.

And yet, ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦwho play ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦone another support, which ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦup even more ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦon the Interweb. ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ, although his real name is ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ, ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ highly of the interactions with others in the ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ.

Not hard to see ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ this one is headed!

“Oh, it is smashing!” ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ wanted to ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ. “If you ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ up a day’s ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ, you can always go online to ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ encouragement to ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ down the lane, or on the ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ side of the ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ.

At the time this ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ was ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ, ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ hundred thousand ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ s ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ to ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ ing ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ self ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ. Un- ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ ﬦﬦﬦﬦﬦ!

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