Diplomacy be damned! (#114b)

Ottawa – A keen-eyed reader noted the alphabetical list in #114 (https://dougzone22.ca/2023/05/07/diplomacy-be-damned/) was missing entries for the letters B, and W. (No country, other than the imaginary Xanadu, has an initial letter X.)

After promising an alpha list, it seemed obvious a follow-up submission was in order.

For T, although his full name it Tee, here are the missing entries allegedly found in Canada’s Diplomatic Expulsion file.

Belgian waffle: The dishonourable envoy from Belgium will be making her way back to Brussels slathered in the finest Canadian dairy whipped cream, and covered in sweet Ontario blueberries.

Just slip the boarding pass under her plate

Welsh rarebit: Lightly toasted in the most comfortable of tanning beds Ottawa has to provide at Ottawa International Airport then smeared with the finest Quebec cheese curds, the disgraced emissary of Wales will receive undoubtedly a warm welcome at Cardiff Airport.

Lettuce and tomato garnish is not included


2023 05 11

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