Redneck offended by physiotherapist (#106)

Merritt, BC – A local area man, nicknamed Buddy, has lodged a complaint with British Columbia Interior Health after he discovered his physiotherapist’s notes identified him as a redneck.

“Yee haw! I don’t rightly feel my redneckness has anything to do with my affliction,” Buddy bellowed outside the clinic, while standing next to his multi-flagged pick-up truck.

“I came here to take full advantage of my God-given right to have someone, other than my cousin-sister wife, make me feel better,” he added as he expectorated another glob of chewing-tobacco infused saliva to an already heaping pile on the pavement.

Clinic’s CCTV spies Buddy “peeling out” after first appointment

The physiotherapist in question offered a second opinion.

“Right from his very first appointment, I had to ask him to remove his knee-high boots, and store them on the front porch of the clinic,” winced (name withheld). “And I had to insist he wear some type of underwear for his second appointment. He said he had no idea how formal the appointments were.”

Even Buddy’s ‘best friend’ prefers anonymity

The incidents were not limited to the client’s footwear.

“He constantly asked if I would share a beer with him during our sessions, but only after he had opened one with his few remaining teeth. The photo he provided for his file was a burnt out car in front of his ‘thankfully unharmed trailer’”.

Trailer allegedly survived the car fire

“Oh, did I mention his breath? It was of the calibre one could cut with a knife, and I could see it; even in my dimly lit studio!” the therapist said as she continued to wretch.

As restitution for his ‘shocking’ discovery, Buddy has requested a sincere apology from his therapist.

From its perspective, BC Interior Health has assured him the physiotherapist should not have made that determination; however, the official diagnosis is to be confirmed by a qualified social worker.


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