Numismatists puzzled in Newfoundland

St. John’s, NL – The recent revelation of a less than recent discovery of gold coins in an undisclosed location in Newfoundland has archeologists and numismatists in a collective quandary!

The quandary involves how these coins, which were minted in England until 1427, got to a beach on Canada’s east coast about fifty years before the first known visit by Giovanni Caboto in 1497.

A little rough for wear after spending 595 years on a Newfoundland beach

The quarter noble was worth a shilling and 8 pence, or $81.00 nowadays. The location of the find is being kept secret to prevent treasure seekers from ruining the site before it can be properly torn asunder by professionals.

dougzone22 was quick to hand this over to its Quandary Solving Dept. (QSD), and we present the solution now.

The QSD located a descendant of Ragnar Lodbrok in Kirkwall Orkney. Angus “Ragnar” McLodbrok lived 1400-1440, and fashioned himself quite the adventurer.

Ragnar, as depicted on Vikings TV series, managed to have children

“Oh, aye!” McLodbrok said when questioned, “I always had the idea to re-enact my great-great-great-grandfather’s exploits. My Gran frequently related how her great-great- gran had been pillaged, and sort of raped by Ragnar!”

Apparently there’s no doubt to the lineage.

“Aye, no!” bellowed McLodbrok.

McLodbrok (left) pictured in his local Viking re-enactment troupe

McLodbrok thankfully was quick to move the story along.

“Aye, I decided to sail back to Vinland where my ancestors had gone.”

Asked about his wife, Angus offered, “Aye, Brunhilda was not pleased; told me to go straight to Valhalla, and don’t pass GO! I thought that was rather rude if not anachronistic.”

Brunhilda pictured in a pensive state, considers her daily chores

Undaunted, McLodbrok set sail.

“Aye, I sailed south pillaging, and lightly raping the English coast. The quarter nobles had just been released, so it was a treasure unto itself. I swear I had a sporran full by the time I reach what you call Newfoundland.”

So, it seems dear Angus dropped the coins in question.

McLodbrok lamented, “Aye! I had mentioned a wee tear in the bottom of my sporran to Brunhilda, but I suppose she “forgot” to mend it after I declared my adventurous intentions.”


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