Local man lists parade-route chair on Airbnb

Toronto, ON – An unidentified sports-zealot has listed a folding chair situated at a busy downtown intersection on the vacation-rental site Airbnb. Airbnb typically offers indoor accommodations, so this offering draws attention. We located, and spoke with the “host”, as they are known in the Airbnb community.

Typically offers properties with 4 walls, and a roof

Host: “Yeah, while sitting in this chair for the last two weeks in anticipation of a Stanley Cup parade. I had a lot of time to think.”

dougzone22: “But the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club of the National Hockey League was eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday.”

Host: “As the likelihood of a Stanley Cup parade diminished, and the viability of my prime spot on that route in its original purpose faded, that time of which I spoke spawned the Airbnb prospect.

dougzone22: How does a chair on a street corner offer any prospect of being a money-maker?

“Accommodation’s” ambience

Host: I got to be thinking Toronto has numerous sports teams with the potential to march past this spot of mine. The Toronto Blue Jays of the MLB, Toronto Argonauts of the CFL, Toronto FC of MLS, Toronto Arrows in the MLR, and Toronto Raptors of the NBA could have championship cavalcades at various times throughout the year!”

dougzone22: All Airbnb listings proclaim their amenities. What does your chair offer?

Host: Other than being a prime location for an assortment of processions, I can assure my clients this chair gets the morning’s sunlight, afternoon shade, is close to a multitude sporting venues, theatres, museums, restaurants, craft-beer emporiums, and a liquor store!

dougzone22: We noticed your “accommodation” isn’t affixed to the pavement. Should that be a concern for potential clients?”

Host: Oh, this isn’t even the original chair! I tried glue, ardox nails, an assortment of screws with a variety of heads, but City of Toronto workers would abscond with my property quite regularly; however, I found an ample supply of replacements at a local hardware store, so one quick call to me, and your reservation is renewed!”


2022 05 16