Raven catches a wave! (#93)

Dawson City, YT – While travelling south on the Dempster Highway to this town in Canada’s Yukon, a couple were joined by a raven for a total of 45 minutes. The raven seemed to enjoy riding the turbulence off the front end of their Jeep for a total of 60 kilometres!

A raven’s arse as viewed on Dempster Highway

The Dempster Highway is 737.5 km in length, and joins Dawson to Inuvik in Northwest Territories. In that run to Inuvik, the highway crosses 2 rivers, 2 mountain ranges, and as a demonstration of its ability to multitask, a portion of it acts as a runway for Wiley Aerodrome at Eagle Plains. In its entire run, the Dempster has no major intersections.

Dempster Highway sans raven’s arse and snow

(Ed. At this point in dougzone22 articles, a typical reader would expect an interview with the raven. Unfortunately, the on-staff ornithologistic linguist is currently on leave for using fowl language in the office, so contact was made with the Yukon Dept. of Highways. The following information was gleaned from Dempster Highway through a private interview due to its being withdrawn after 63 years of isolation.)

Birthday: January, 1959

Pet peeve: Garbage discarded by tourists, show-off ravens

Favourite food: Bumper Bambi, front-end suspension of tourists’ cars

Favourite game: Throwing stones at tourists’ windshields

Tired of the gravel? Look to your left!

Favourite song: Jeepster by T Rex, and Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Favourite TV show: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Favourite movie: Any one of the 7 versions of Intersection, or 2021’s The Intersection


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