Lack of shitter doors a piss-off

Gloucester, ON – In this small suburb of Ottawa, an group of male students who wish to remain anonymous, are being quite vocal about the distinct lack of doors in the washrooms designated for them at the local high school. In one particular water closet, the partition between adjoining porcelain receptacles is absent also!

The doorless shitters of Gloucester High School

“It is downright embarrassing,” exclaimed Barry Cadaver (not his real name), “There are times when young males want privacy too, so some guys have taken to leaving to school property to use the restrooms at the pizza shop down the street, and it is disgusting there!”

No need to reach under for spare shit tickets here!

When prompted for examples, Barry offered, “Like when you’re walking to school and you think of the new video with a tune you like, or when you see the latest model of a car, or the girl who goes to the local separate school walks ahead of you and the wind catches her kilt for a brief moment, or when the nice lady in the cafeteria gives you a smile as she loads in extra fries with your order, or the foreign exchange student waves at you mistakenly, or Miss Brohpy’s skirt brushes your arm as she strolls by your desk, or Monique in math class wears that translucent blouse, or when Gurpreet wears a sweater and it looks like two cats are wrestling inside it, or the thought of having co-ed gym class in period 3, or you catch a whiff of Mrs. Barbasol’s perfume as you pass by the office.”

Before we could elicit an additional comment, Barry excused himself to the local pizza restaurant.


2022 09 13

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