Air France offers flight-crew fisticuffs

Somewhere between Geneva & Paris – The BEA, France’s equivalent of Canada’s Transportation Safety Board, has reported a “serious incident” on board an Air France flight between Geneva, and Paris last June.

The flight, which lasts about 70 minutes for the 515 km distance, featured fisticuffs between the pilot and co-pilot. Another member of the crew stopped the fight, and was compelled to sit in the cockpit for the duration.

Not a lot of time to get at it!

One, especially one here at dougzone22 HQ, can only imagine what instigated the squirmish. The following are possible points of debate that could result in a physical altercation between members of a French flight crew:

1. Camembert vs. Brie: the finer fromage?

2. Cold red wine: Oui ou non?

3. White wine served with red meat is a travesty!

4. Berets are a fashion faux pas.

5. Jean-Jacque Goldman est merde!

6. Your wife’s Meunière tastes funny.

7. The Maginot Line is France’s greatest accomplishment.

8. “I’ve got your Coquilles St. Jacques right here, Pierre!”

Regardless of the instigation, Air France has assured the BEA it is conducting a thorough investigation, and in the interim is remodeling cockpits on all its aircraft, immediatement!

Your captain today will be wearing the yellow culottes…


2022 08 29

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