Hamilton man pushes stroller to victory!

Buffalo, NY – A Canadian man, who resides in Hamilton Ontario, won the Buffalo Marathon while pushing his infant son in a stroller. Lucas McAneney and his two-year-old son finished the race 16 seconds ahead of their nearest competitor.

“Did he make a wrong turn at Walden galleria?”

McAneney had hoped to break the Guinness World Record for such a feat.

“Yeah, we had to get special permission,” the jubilant runner exclaimed, “That didn’t happen, but we had fun anyway!”

Executive Director, Greg Weber confirmed, “We were of the opinion that this record could be broken, and changed the rules in hopes of garnering some notoriety. Although he didn’t break the record, McAneney performed very well under the circumstances.”

Asleep on the job?

Sutton, the two-year old, wants the win listed in his name.

“That Weber fellow claims I didn’t “run” the race, so I am not eligible for the victory.”

Weber concurred, “Only actual runners can be named as winners; that is true.”

The little McAneney continued to rant.

“Dad and I have trained extensively for this. This was my first official marathon,” whined Sutton. “I don’t read yet, but I have watched the news recently. When that gun went off at the beginning, I am not ashamed to admit, I literally shit my pants!”

Maintaining a 3:38/km pace did not allow for diaper changes.

The junior McAneney added, “At the finish line, I was not asleep, but unconscious due to the diaper rash! I should have chosen Penaten as my sponsor.”

To the victor go the sores


2022 06 09

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