What was the rush?

Whitehorse, YT – Earlier this month, “Skookum Jim” Mason was honoured posthumously by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) by having an asteroid named for him. Skookum Jim discovered gold in the Klondike, which initiated the Klondike gold rush in the late 1890s during which an estimated 100 000 people travelled to Canada’s Yukon Territory.  He established a trust to help improve the lives of Indigenous people in the Yukon with the fortune he made before his death in 1916. The trust still provides funds to this day.

Skookum Jim gave a shit about Yukoners

In other news, Al Youminium of Snelgrove, Ontario has been singled out by the Dumbass Union Headquarters (DUH) for starting the rush on toilet paper in the spring of 2020.

Mr. Yuminium denies the allegation, and denounces the recognition.

“I wasn’t feeling at all well that day,” Yuminium muttered denyingly. “My gut was telling me to stock up on shit-tickets; it wasn’t going to be pleasant!”

Shit out of luck!

Yuminium says he does recall others following that which he gainsays was his lead.

“Like I already said, I took two bundles of bog paper, because I was in distress. I may have said, ‘Oh, I am going to need a lot of this,’ out loud unwittingly.”

Well, the trend was a go, and DUH acknowledges his contribution to a worldwide shortage.

2022 04 26

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