Fortnite sales raise $36M for Ukraine

The Island, Fortnite – Fortnite owner, Epic Games, promised to donate all money raised to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine through the sale of a new version of the very popular game. In the first day of sales, $36M US was collected. Determining how to deliver the cache of cash is the next hurdle.

“The 7, our usual troop of do-gooders, are contractually obligated to be available for game-play 24/7, so we are taking a different tack,” an Epic Games spokesperson explained.

Four of The 7 dropping a rap in lieu of cash

An alternate, although typical to Fortnite, drop system is being developed for this humanitarian endeavour.

 “Typically in Fortnite, gamers board the Battle Bus, and make their way to the destination. We envision developing a real battle bus to float our donation agents to Ukraine,” the spokesperson offered.

Battle Bus fare is not cheap

Given that a real Battle Bus is doable, the donation still has to make it to Ukraine.  Hopefully, the next stage of delivery is less complicated.

This device should be fairly innocuous over Ukraine

Our contact continued, “Yeah, the glider will offer less of an obstacle, although not cheap!”

After all of the reality is evolves, and the humanitarian organizations are supplied, what do the people of Epic Games have in mind?

“In typical Fortnite fashion, we will dance!”

Another mission accomplished!


2022 03 22

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