Old Pope seeks forgiveness for no reason

Old Pope’s Home – From his retirement home in Munich Germany, Joseph (a.k.a. Pope Benedict XVI) Ratzinger issued what can be seen only as a holy oxymoron.

“I ask for forgiveness, but admit no wrongdoing,” inked “His Silliness”, the first Pope to retire in almost 600 years.

His Unguiltiness Benedict XVI

Religious scholars worldwide have been left to make sense of the adumbration from the then Archbishop who oversaw the handling of four cases of clerics accused and or convicted of sexual abuse.

“For Christ sake, why ask for forgiveness if he alleges to have not acted incorrectly?” one such scholar pontificated. “For what are we to forgive him?

The Bishop of Limburg, George Baetzing, had encouraged The Quitter Formerly Known as Pope to admit guilt, and apologize to those affected; however, after Ratzinger’s statement was released, he feebly uttered, “I am grateful to him for that and he deserves respect for it.”

Bishop of Limburg George “Stinky” Baetzing

Meanwhile at the Vatican, the home office of Buggerers “R” Us, an anonymous press release acknowledged ‘Benedict’s tenure as head of the Holy See’s doctrine office and his eight-year papacy’; a virtual Record of Employment which didn’t un-muddy the waters whatsoever.

One survivors-of-abuse group offered the following statement: Perhaps it is time to modify the phrase “In nomine patri spiritus sancti” to “In dominatrix patri…”!


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