Evidence suggests Deer know naught about social distancing!

(Editor: In a previous article on this site, we examined the response of deer who had tested positive for Covid: https://wordpress.com/post/dougzone22.ca/538)

Bornish, ON – Scientists stationed in the oddly named town have posted a paper at bioRxiv, an online archive and distribution service for unpublished preprints in life sciences, that suggests deer definitely have Covid-19, and may be giving it right back to humans.

“I have to say,” admitted field-researcher Finlay Maguire, “I never expected to find myself on Bornish, Ontario, nor did I know it existed.”

Scientists at work away from the rustic Bornish ambience

What about Maguire’s findings are news worthy?

Maguire, obviously unaware of layman’s terms, spewed, “We recently found highly divergent SARS-CoV-2 genomes from deer with potential deer-to-human transmission via wildlife surveillance.”

In regular speak, deer have a unique version of Covid, and some humans have been found to have it too. Deer caught Covid-19 from humans, and are giving it right back!

Tail-seeking Deer could give a rat’s ass for social distancing

When asked about social distancing, our renowned spokes-ungulate, Bambi, snickered.

“Wow, I almost scat myself there!” Bambi declared openly. “This is rutting season, and a Deer has to make a Buck, if you catch my drift!”

When told of social media ads about keeping one’s distance to prevent the spread of disease, Bambi raised a hoof, and ranted, “Does it look like I can navigate my way through a mobile device with these clodhoppers? Nor can I manage a mask, you idiot!”

Meanwhile, the citizenry of Bracebridge Ontario have petitioned the town council to ban Santa Claus, and his herd from his summer home (Santa’s Village) within their town’s limits.


2022 02 28

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