Living with Covid? We asked Mrs. Covid!

Inside an unidentified human body – Politicians and a small portion of non-politicians on the planet Earth are promoting the concept of learning to live with Covid.  The Try You’ll Like It attitude is not sitting well with everyone. In an effort to get a sense of what living with Covid is really like, we contacted Mrs. Covid.

Speaking to us via an intubator/interpreter, this is how that conversation went down.

Open wide for chunkie!

dougzone22:  Good evening, Mrs. Covid. Thanks for doing this.

Mrs. C: <cough> Doing what? I didn’t do anything. You can blame my asshole husband for whatever you’re talking about!

dougzone22:  Apologies, Mrs. C.  Let us rephrase that. What’s it like being the spouse of the most popular virus of the millennium?

Mrs. C: <cough> Oh, I have been busy. The legal papers are piling up in here!

dougzone22:  Legal papers?

Mrs. C: <cough> Yes, my main squeeze is seeking the status of “mass murderer”, but if I weren’t so busy popping out variants, as he likes to call them, the paperwork might be done, and served by now.

Mrs. C poses with a couple of her variants

dougzone22:  Do you envision an end to your husband’s tirade?

Mrs. C: <cough> If it weren’t so comfy inside these humans, I would say I would soon lose the mood.

dougzone22:  Any thoughts on the protests happening out here?

Mrs. C: <cough> “Ain’t no blocked bridges, and clogged streets going to stop us, baby,” my old man keeps saying.

The interview was ended abruptly when the intubator/interpreter was disconnected from the Mrs. Covid’s host.


2022 02 09

Author: dougzone22

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