Overly tactile man upset by his NFTs!

(Editor’s note: For the sake of this article NFT means “non-fungible token, which basically means that it’s a one-of-a-kind digital asset that belongs to you and you only. The most popular NFTs right now include artwork and music, but can also include videos and even tweets.” Duh!

Gravenhurst ON – Reginald Balls, of a fixed address he’d rather not share, is one overly tactile man (as suggested in the heading) who overly enjoys the feel of stuff.

“Oh, baby,” he exclaimed right off the bat, “When I awake, and feel the beard I have grown overnight and take that first pee of the day, I am so happy to be alive!”

One-handed start to Reginald’s day

Already this interviewer is feeling uncomfortable. Reginald really wants to help one get a grasp of his experience.

“My friends call me Mr. Touchy Feely”, he droned, “Have you ever really noticed the texture of bread before, and after you toast it?”

Mr. Balls’ day continues two-handedly

Sensing a rundown of Mr. Balls’ entire day-to-day, a questioned was offered, “What is the deal with you and NFTs?”

“Oh, don’t they look just fantastic!” he interjected ejaculatively, “I just had to throw my savings at them.”

Thankfully, the end of this session seemed imminent.

“Somewhere in the fine print, which I call the intangibles, I overlooked the virtual aspect of the NFT. I hate to be so out-of-touch, so have taken to calling them No Fucking Thing.”

As we parted company, Balls was overheard calling his broker in hopes of getting a handle on being converted to a virtual entity to get in touch with his virtual self and its stuff.

Reginald Balls the NFT


2022 01 30

Author: dougzone22

Canadian. My posts will be like the beer I drink: crafty!

2 thoughts on “Overly tactile man upset by his NFTs!”

  1. Mr. Balls is clearly suffering from PiTARS (Pain in The Arse Syndrome) and needs a trip with Bezos into Earths Low Orbit, where he should be left to NFTR (Never Feckin to Return)


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