Edmonton brings back hazing

Edmonton, AB – Hazing is being encouraged in Edmonton again this year. The practice, long discouraged on university, and college campi in Canada, is being reinstated for the coyote residents in this northern Albertan city. Needless to say, although here we go, the coyotes are not pleased.

The hazing involves some local biologists, and volunteers roaming the streets of the city, and tossing sand-filled tennis balls at the targetted animals.

The Edmonton Coalition of Coyotes (ECC) has hired the well known celebrity, Wile E. Coyote, as its spokescoyote; however, it was been determined that Mr. Coyote does not speak, so his title has been adjusted to sign-coyote.

Wiles E., we here at dougzone22 have seen all your documentaries! It is a pleasure to meet such a celebrity.

What do your fellow coyotes have to say about the hazing, as it is called, being invoked against them?

Anything else they would like to add?

Why did the coyotes elect to settle in Edmonton?

Have your friends considered taking action in order to retaliate?

If they are unable to defend themselves sufficiently, have alternatives been considered?

How will that affect your personal situation?

Well, it has been a significant treat to relate with you!

Do you have anything else to add, Mr. Coyote?


2021 12 31

Author: dougzone22

Canadian. My posts will be like the beer I drink: crafty!

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