Leggiest arthropod literally unearthed in Australia

Perth, Western Australia – A one-of-a-kind millipede (“1000 feet”) has been discovered to live 60 metres below the surface in Western Australia.  It is unique in that it actually has more than the number of legs an arthropod of its type is supposed to have.

“This new species (Eumillipes persephone) actually has 1306 legs on its 95 mm long body,” biologist Bruno Buzatto offered. “The previous record was a California millipede with 750 legs. Typical millipedes have 100 to 200 appendages.  I agree the term “millipede” is a bit of a misnomer!”

Eumillipes persephone in all its threadlike glory

Editor’s note: In an oversight on our part, an exclusive interview was arranged before realizing the vast team of interpreters at dougzone22 lacked anyone who knew Millipedese.

The following consists of presumed answers based on the tone, and temperament of the creature we named MCCCVI (1306).

Electron microscope reveals the head, and gonopads of Eumillipes persephone

dougzone22: Good day!

MCCCVI: G’day mate! What does day mean? I am blind and live 60 metres underground!

dougzone22: Your gonopods are rather small. Is that a good thing in your species?

MCCCVI: Are you really going for the gonopods already?

dougzone22: Sorry about that. Why so many legs?

MCCCVI: We need traction down there! The ground is rather tightly packed at that depth.

Bruno’s a bit of a legman

dougzone22: What do you eat?

MCCCVI: All millipedes are scavengers. We eat fungi as the researchers told you. I am blind; not deaf!

dougzone22: Our readers really want to know your favourite colour?

MCCCVI: Oh, piss off, you wanker! This interview is terminated.


2021 12 24

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