The Moon’s Cube sparks speculation

Dark Side, Moon – A Moon rover from China¸ redundantly named Yutu 2 or “Jade Rabbit”, has landed deliberately on the dark side of the Earth’s only natural satellite, but has sent back a grainy photo of what appears to be a cube on the horizon. The object is 80 metres away from the machine, but will take 2 to 3 months to reach. Speculation as to the identity of the cube has begun.

The cube as fuzzily observed by Yutu 2

“I will bet you it is a Tim Horton’s,” one enthusiastic observer uttered, “They are everywhere!”

A shutterbug commented, “Imagine sending that device all the way to the Moon with that cheap camera on board. I could get you a clear shot of a mole on a gnat’s ass from that distance!”

Clem, a theorist of the conspiratorial nature, suggested, “That’s where them aliens built their flying saucers before coming to Earth to build the pyramids.”

Proof positive aliens built pyramids

“What do you expect to happen after sending a solar-powered craft to the dark side of the Moon?” a dumb guy spewed . “My solar-powered sundial was a total waste of money!”

And yet another dumb guy offered, “Finally, we have the proof! That’s the studio where they filmed the fake Moon landings!”


2021 12 09

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