Oh, that’s where it went!

Caesarea, IL – An amateur scuba diver, Shlomi Katzin, located a metre-long sword off the northern coast of Israel near the town of Caesarea. The sword is believed to be 900 years-old, and probably founds it way to the seabed of the Mediterranean during the crusades. Mr. Katzin immediately turned it over to Marine Archaeology Unit (MAU) of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).

Marine Archaeology Unit of the IAA Director shows Finders Keepers is not allowed

“Oh, that’s where it went!” said Sir Sparrow from beyond the Round Table.

One of the hardly known knights of that time, Sir Sparrow spent much of his time hiding.

“My page, Ralph, was nicknamed Sir Klutz for his clumsiness,” Sir Sparrow added, as if being assertive were in his list of characteristics. “While disembarking from our ship for what would be my one and only crusade, Ralph dropped my sword into the Mediterranean Sea.

Sir Sparrow pictured pointing with hand in which sword should have been

It seems Sir Sparrow took a lot of grief during his short-lived crusade.

“Yes, I was called Sir Run-a-lot, Sir Chicken, but the worst was Sir Lance-So-Little. Ah, the lads were mean, but fair!”

Katzin models safe sword handling

As for Shlomi Katzin, he was given a certificate of appreciation for good citizenship, and an offer to change his name by the MAU of the IAA.


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