It’s the shitzzzz!

Quispamsis, NB – A town in maritime province of New Brunswick is upset with the presence of bee feces. They are so upset that the town council is considering a bylaw amendment, although they think it is a provincial matter given that it has an Apiary Inspection Act.

Town engineer and spokesman, Gary Losier suggested, “This issue of bee poop is a new one to me!”

“What the hell do they expected?” the world famous spokesbee, Billy Bee, exclaimed ape-shittedly. “Beeszzz shit! Szzzo what?”

Billy in happier times

Bees are known to take “cleansing flights”.

“Yeah, you try working in the tight confinezzz of a hive for hourzzz on end,” Billy continued to rant, “We are permitted relief time, like any other job, so we tend to exzzzit the hive to drop a deucezzz.”

Typical bee on a break

As for the consistency and colour of a bee’s turds, Mr. Bee has no remorse.

“We szzzlave away in our hivezzz, and work with all szzzortszzz of different honeyzzz. What call you possibly expect from uszzz?”

Billy as seen in a photo from his yearbook

Billy had one more point to make.

“Hey, if it weren’t for uszz beeszz shitting, you never would have heard of Quiszzzpamszziszz, New Brunszzzwick?”

After he regained his composure, Billy Bee was overheard to say, “Man, I have got to get this looszzze tooth fixed!”


2021 08 23

Author: dougzone22

Canadian. My posts will be like the beer I drink: crafty!

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