Current dumb-guy questions

In her lawsuit against Disney, Is Scarlett Johansson over-playing the White Privilege card after playing a black widow?

Hot to trot to court

If I traipse across Canada in my proudly unvaccinated body, can I become Prime Minister? (Maxine Bernier only)

“Why is this “glory hole” so disappointing?” asks cellar dweller in parents’ basement.

Why is the peaceful demonstration at the US Capitol still getting air-play?

Nothing to see here!

What is the real story behind Justin Trudeau’s missing beard?

Since polar bears live in the Arctic, and penguins live in the Antarctic, how do they mate?

If salt is spilt there, does Iceland melt?

Are craft-beer farts better for environment than macro-beer farts, because they sure smell better?

There’s no way anyone heard that one

If I trim the bushes in my front yard, will my porch look bigger?


2021 08 05

Author: dougzone22

Canadian. My posts will be like the beer I drink: crafty!

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