“Going Viral” seeks makeover

San Francisco, CA – As if able to see the handwriting on the wall, “Going Viral” hopes to cling to its fragile hold on the modern lexicon through an unimagined rebranding. It would prefer not to end up on a heap with the likes of “Oh, Snap”, “Juke”, and “Owe Me a Coke” if at all possible.

Puff the magic baby

Anyone who has seen the Smoking Baby, 2 Girls; 1 Cup, or any one of the multitude of nut-crunching skateboard clips, the turn of phrase “Going Viral” is no surprize. Speaking from within Urban Dictionary, “Going Viral” blames the pandemic.

A couple of entrepreneurs

“All was going well, until the entire world literally went viral!” the catchy saying lamented ironically. “If I can re-imagine myself, there may be a chance.”

“Going Viral” realizes longevity in the business of words is quirky.

“My colleagues “Cool”, “Oh, Man” (although obviously sexist), and “Shit!” have had unparalleled careers. I have to find a way to stick around.”


One common locution is particularly annoying to “Going Viral”.

“While I still have your attention, there is one term that is very arrogant around our clubhouse. Considering it suggests the impossible, “Go Fuck Yourself” sure seems to have a death grip on longevity. Man, I really wish it would fornicate elsewhere!”

While “Going Viral” searches for a new identity, it may find “Gone Viral” is its new designation all too soon.


2021 07 11

Author: dougzone22

Canadian. My posts will be like the beer I drink: crafty!

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