Liberal Party of Canada seeks new slogan

(Ed: Liberal MP Will Amos (Pontiac, QC) has been caught exposing himself twice recently while appearing on official government sessions. The initial incident involved Amos disrobing, while the latest event captured him urinating.)

Ottawa, ON – The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC), in light of recent embarrassing exposures by an elected official, are seeking to select a new party slogan in order to smooth over the unwelcome publicity.

Amos demonstrates he is a multitasker

dougzone has received a copy of ten proposals.

1. The buck naked stops here

2. It is go time

3. LPC: Where the P stands for urine

4. Our leaks aren’t just to the press

5. Our trickle down isn’t about economics

6. “Urine” Canada now

7. You can clearly see our members work

8. You may not think we give a shit, but you can’t deny we give a piss

9. Our micturition is second to none

10. We’re #1


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