Some parents request students have a do-over at school

Collingwood, ON – A local mother and father have requested their son be allowed to repeat his Kindergarten year due to several interruptions in his education imposed by measures taken during the pandemic. This year has been “sub-optimal in terms of his ability to read, and recognize site words,” the child’s mother said quite intelligently.

Another intrepid group of guardians couldn’t be more relieved by the educational disruptions that have occurred this past year nationwide. Known to local educators as “helicopter parents”, these overly supportive progenitors have had quite a year.

Though shalt not educate otherwise

Shirley A. Picklebottom is one such person. “I hated school, but know what is best for my Jacqueline-Anne (don’t call her Jackie).  Having her here, and to be able to instantly correct the misinformation those so-called professional teachers spew has been a joy!”

“I am completely unaware of any gaps I have provided for my son, J-Kub,” Mustafa  Bâtonenfesses added, “I know the curriculum, although a little hard to read, like the back of my own eyelids.”

Both whirly-bird spokespeople agree, if it turns out there are gaps in their children’s knowledge, they will compensate for it when they attend their offspring’s job interviews in the future.


2021 05 27

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