Quebec Premier Legault offers distraction

Quebec City, QC – Quebec’s Premier, Francois Legault has offered up a distraction recently by suggesting Quebec will unilaterally reform Canada’s constitution. Initial reports suggested a further protection of French language rights was needed.

“While the use of French in Quebec has seen a decline in recent years, and it is of significance to Quebecers,” Legault hinted. “It isn’t the primary reason for this announcement.”

Premier Legault: What is on his mind?

Perhaps Quebecers require a rejuvenation of the constitution to ease the anxiety surrounding the province’s devastating experience with the pandemic?

Covid-19: Pest of the millennium!

“Non,” the Premier responded curtly, “Quebec is resolved to defeat the Covid-19. We don’t need to take our attention from that.”

Well, what could possibly be the issue that brought this startling suggestion for constitutional reform?

“Les Feuilles d’Erable viennent!” Legault yelled, using some of the diminished French-usage cited earlier, “The Toronto Maple Leafs are coming! Not even the return of Carey “Jesus” Price can save Les Canadiens.



2021 05 17

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