Forensic artist denies obsession with Canadian actor

Toronto, ON – A certified member of the International Association for Identification who works as a forensic artist denies having a significant fondness for Canadian actor, Victor Garber.

“I have trained extensively for this type of work, and deny that my reconstructions resemble him,” said Valerie Visage.

Gregory before encounter with Visage

Numerous viewers of her most recent piece, Engineer John Gregory of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition of 1845, have commented to the contrary.

 “I mean, I can’t help how they used to look. We train very hard for this work!” exclaimed Ms. Visage.

Gregory lost Bury Me Up To My Chin game?

Visage’s supervisor supports her underling’s efforts.

“Valerie’s early work tended to look exactly like Mr. Garber, but I don’t see that trait in her work anymore,” Francine Façade advised.

Visage defended herself again saying, “Keep in mind, they give us a skull, and say, ‘What did this one look like?’ that’s all we have to work on!”

The Garber twins

As for Mr. Garber, his agent said, “Mr. Garber has commissioned a script about the Franklin expeditionary engineer.  As a Canadian actor, he welcomes the opportunity to work, especially in a lookalike role.”


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