Ford: What? More vaccine?

Toronto – At a recent news conference, Premier Doug Ford ranted about how complicated planning vaccine rollouts have become.

“It isn’t easy to plan for these vaccination rollouts, because the Feds keep sending us more medicine,” Ford was heard to say. “We make a plan then we get more stuff, and have to start all over again.”

It seems Ford had a bad experience like this in his earlier life.

“Back in high school, I would complete an assignment, and the stupid teachers would give me another one. It went on like that the entire year!” he complained.

Ultimately, Ford made the supreme sacrifice.

“I quit school to end that intolerable situation, and to this day, my motto has been More is Worser and I stand by it!

With that, Ford smiled one of his I-am-going-to-try-to-smile-now smiles, and stormed away muttering, “Excuse me, I have some teachers to taunt.”


2021 03 17

Author: dougzone22

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