Hiring-policy change upsets RCMP Design Detachment

RCMP Academy: Regina, SK

“Tabernacle!  I cannot believe what day want me to do,” raved Sgt. Serge “Rouge” Protecteur.

(For the remainder of this article, Sgt Protecteur’s words will be translated from the “Frenglish” he typically speaks)

Sgt Protecteur acts as the lead designer for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).  It seems a suggested hiring-policy alteration has Sgt Protecteur’s jodhpurs in a bunch.

In order to expand the dwindling ranks of Canada’s police force, the RCMP have hinted they may allow candidates with a criminal record to apply.

Protecteur continued his rant, “For decades, the uniform has been a piece of cake to make: Red jacket, blue pants with yellow strapping, brown boots, Sam Browne belt, and assorted badges.  Oh, and the brown felt glass-flat hat is in there too!”

“Admittedly, the women have never enjoyed the fit of the jodhpurs because they accentuate the derriere” he exclaimed exorbitantly.

With his ostentatious nature seizing control of his language, Protecteur spewed forth with his personal opinion of the rumoured change.

“Our motto has been: A Mountie always gets his man.  Now it can change to: A Mountie can always just arrest his partner!

But ultimately, the uniform adjustment is what annoys Protecteur beyond civility.

“If I am to bring orange jumpsuits into the wardrobe to help criminals transition to law enforcement, everyone knows you can’t even rhyme with orange, let alone compliment it!” as he stormed off to look for swatches.

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